Helping Technology Serve You

Don't let technology detract from your business goals. We can help technology serve your particular needs.

Website Development

Deacon Technology builds websites for businesses. We partner with you to explore how technology can best serve your business needs. Do you need new branding? Do you need a site that is easily updated from your office? Do you need help establishing a social media presence? We are ready to help you.

Technology Consulting

The temptation in our technology-saturated world is to rush into the newest technological platform without really thinking it through. Whether embarking on a new website or social media presence, businesses can benefit from an outside voice to help them discover the benefits, uses, and challenges of the available technology. Let Deacon Technology help you explore how technology can help your business.

The Basic Process


We ask good questions. This allows us to align your goals with optimal solutions.


We design custom solutions to fit your specific organizational requirements and goals.


We support your organization on an ongoing basis to optimize for your success.

Website Development Services

CMS Integration

We typically use ExpressionEngine or Statamic as our CMS of choice. They both offer client-friendly interfaces.

Information Architecture

Need help organizing or presenting your content in a user-friendly way? Or do you have critical calls-to-action?

Design Services

We do some design-work “in house,” but also work with a variety of talented freelance designers.

Search Engine Optimization

We have a strong working knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and use SEO best practices in our projects.

Responsive Design

Your site needs to be mobile-friendly. We design our sites to work well on any modern mobile device as well as computers.

Social Media Strategy

Don't miss out on the importance of social media strategy for your business or brand. We can help with strategy and implementation.

Content Migration

Do you have lots of content in an old, out-dated site? We can migrate your content to the new site for you.

Onsite or Video Training

We offer onsite training or screencast tutorials to teach you or your marketing team how to keep your site updated.


We are happy to support your site on your current hosting account, but we can help you get set up with great hosting.

Can Deacon Technology Help You?

Our Company History

Deacon Technology has been building websites and offering technology consulting since 2010. Business owner, John McLeod has an educational background in music (B.A.) and theology (M.Div), and worked extensively in the non-profit space before starting this company.

Since John’s work history and educational background comes from outside the Technology and Computer space, he is able to communicate well with non-technical clients to help identify their needs and requirements.

Can you answer “yes” to any of the following? We can help.

  • My company does not have a website and we need one.
  • My organization has an outdated website; we need to modernize.
  • My company has a website, but we do not have anyone to manage it.
  • My company paid for a really expensive custom Content Management System, but we are frustrated trying to get our developer to fix bugs or add new functionality.

A Few More Things You Ought to Know

  • Straightforward Communication

    We communicate clearly about technical subjects with potentially non-technical clients who should not have to know all of the technical jargon surrounding website management.
  • Long-term Partnership

    We would like to serve your technology needs for the long haul. Your technology needs will change, and we want to serve you in such a way that you will trust us to continue helping you in the future.
  • Integrity and Reliability

    We highly value our word and commitments, and will do as much as is in our power to deliver on our commitments.
  • Personal attention

    Being a small, flexible company, we are able to give our clients the personal attention that they need, resulting in solutions that better serve their business needs.
  • Networked with Other Professionals

    If we are not an exact fit for your project, we'll tell you. We are also networked with other industry professionals that specialize in App Development and Internet Marketing.
  • Ready to Manage Your Project

    Web projects often involve many moving parts. Deacon Technology is ready to manage the complete process, keeping you up-to-date on the progress of the project.